Saturday, September 24, 2011

An Official Facebook Page

You can now connect to the Romany Epistles on Facebook. Talk to the writers (some of them) and see what they have been doing over the years. You can encourage those who are still finishing their stories. Also, you can discuss your favorite characters or fun bits from different siblings' stories. Come, stop by, and join in.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

... coming soon to a blog near you!

(sorry, I had some kind of random, impish temptation to write that)

Monday, September 04, 2006

About Us

I've loved to write ever since I was little. I think I was about seven when I wrote my first "novel" about Princesses Rose and Lily and princes John and Peter. Then I asked my mom to edit it, but she could make neither head nor tail out of it because every other word was misspelled. I'm not sure if my spelling has improved that much, (thank heaven for spell checkers!) but I still love writing. However, I'm quite proficient in making a mess of things, but thanks to these special sisters of mine at our Wayside Inn Writer's Society, I sometimes manage to untangle the mess. ;-) This is my first story written from a masculine point of view, so you'll have to bear with me if it's cheesy.
My hope is to glorify God through my writing, in big ways and small. How well I accomplish that I don't know, but I'm still a work in progress.
There, now you have a neat, tidy snippet about my writing life. If you want the messy stuff, get to know me personally. ;-)


My name is Emily Nelson, though most choose to call me 'Em.' I am 17 years old and a senior in high school. My family has never received television channels, so I grew up with reading as my entertainment. Through my love of books, I have grown into a writer. I love stories and characters and am constantly working to become better at the craft of authorship. I recently finished my first novel length story,
Shadow of Death, and am working on its sequel currently.
Besides the writing side of me, I love Jesus!!! I am a Christian, saved by His Grace, and striving to live my life as a good example. I am a home schooled student (have been my entire life), and the second oldest of eight siblings.
Please feel free to leave comments, suggestions, etc. on my "coming-soon" posts of Zoe's story. I am enjoying getting to know her and I hope you will too. I love feedback (show me a writer who doesn't) and of course would enjoy getting to know you too.